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[Sticky] Electromagnetic theory of origin of stars

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Take a look at this presentation on the electromagnetic theory of origin of stars:

Lets summarize of the presentation first:

Dr Michael Clarage’s Safari project had a global conference in 2019 on the new theory. The positive aspect of it is that the theoretical model is replicable in the laboratory. Question that puzzled scientists from the beginning of the era of modern science is, how stars are formed and where do they get energy from?

The fundamental idea of science is “Forces change the world.” Till recently the Newtonian model held sway, widely accepted and reigned unchallenged. According to this model, Gravity is the fundamental force which shaped the universe.

Fundamental forces are according to science are:
1. Gravity
2. Electricity
3. Magnetism
4. Nuclear energy
5. Weak force

The gravity-model says:
Gravity pulls by attractive force the scattered matter in space together to form object - this creates enormous pressure - pressure develops heat, high temperature, and thus are formed stars which emit light and heat. Stars are all alone in this model, separate from other similar ones on their own, each burning its own fuel. It just happens like that, an accidental happening.

But, says Dr Clarage, this model suffers from disabilities:

1. It is not replicable in the lab
2. Such a process has never been observed in nature
3. It violates the law of Thermodynamics

So, he says, if to gravity is added the other fundamental force, viz., Electricity, it changes the whole story, though we do not know what exactly Electricity is.

First postulate is there is no such a thing as empty space. Secondly, matter in space is pervaded by Electrical fields. Thirdly, Plasma which fills space is the best conductor of electricity and supports strong electrical fields, forming rivers of electrical currents.

Electrical fields naturally organize themselves and the matter which they go through. In this model the law of thermodynamics is not violated. Matter is thus condensed into a variety of local structures and plasmoids. Stars live along these electoral currents, and receive energy from surrounding space - from their relationship with surrounding space. Central core of stars contain a variety of chemical elements.

Now comes the climax of his theory: Stars so formed containing a variety of elements form Anode (positive pole). Surrounding space foiled with plasma form the Cathode (negative pole). Stars live inside of large electrical structures.

Plasma seeks equilibrium between the two opposite electromagnetic poles - the stars and the space. But this equilibrium is never achieved, resulting in motion and activity (a cosmic dance, I suppose : my own idea) in the form of production and emission of immense amounts of energy and light- which comes from this struggle.

In this model the star is not creating its energy but it is only transforming energy. And, this transformation of energy comes about by the relationship between the stars and the surrounding space, and the relationship between stars and with the galactic medium. The space is the source of energy through the medium of the plasma.

Look at this beautiful idea: Sun gets energy from a larger world of hierarchical universe, according to a pattern or a blueprint. Sun gets his portion of energy from hierarchical space far more potent than the sun through a process of stepping down of the infinitely greater energy. The planets similarly get their energy on a reduced scale from vastly greater energy of the sun by a stepping down process.

Dr Clarage claims this theory is replicable in the laboratory.

Some of the concepts of his theory which come closer to Occult Doctrine are -

1. Space in not empty but plenum
2. Space is exhaustless source of energy
3. Connection between Life and Electricity

What do you think of this new theory?