Our Anthem – Maithreem Bhajata

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During the inaugural function of the Institute, the following benediction – Maithreem Bhajata – composed by Shri Chandrashekara Sarasvati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, was sung by Smt Meera Kannan:

The translation of the benediction is as follows:

Cultivate friendship which conquers the hearts of all beings,
Feel yourself in all beings and all beings in self,
Renounce war,
Forbear competition,
Forsake aggression and forceful acquisition,
Because, our Mother Earth bestows upon us every object of our desire,
Supreme Soul of all souls is Compassion Absolute itself,
Oh People of the World! Be restrained, be liberal, be merciful,
May everyone in this world be happy and prosperous!


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